Scaling Great Heights with the Big Sing

Scaling Great Heights with the Big Sing


Moreton Hall invited over 100 students from Bwlchgwyn Primary School, Weston Rhyn Primary School and Woodside Primary School to take part in a range of fun musical activities and singing as part of a mass choir in front of a packed audience of parents and teachers as part of North Shropshire’s ‘Big Sing’.

The initiative, developed by North Shropshire Music hub and under the expert tuition of Moreton Hall’s Music Department, encourages young children to explore the joys of making music as well as generating a love and enjoyment for choral singing.

Eleanor Diack, the ‘Big Sing’ coordinator, has been visiting primary schools and delivering workshop sessions on breathing, performing and choral techniques. The sessions culminated in the ‘Big Sing’ with all students and their class teachers being invited to come together to perform a selection of well-known songs.

Lianne Lewis, Class Teacher at Weston Rhyn, said, “The staff at Moreton Hall are so talented in their ability to get the best out of the children. This initiative will help to form the foundation of our music lessons going forward. It has been great to be part of a community wide event such as the Big Sing.”

Ellie Diack, North Shropshire Big Sing Coordinator, commented, “It has been fabulous to work with such enthusiastic pupils and teachers over the past 5 to 6 weeks: they should all be extremely proud of their efforts! Although we live in times of uncertainty regarding Music funding in education, it is hoped that North Shropshire Music's Big Sing goes some way to support and engender an interest in choral singing and music making in general, in a fun and entertaining way.”

Helen Rayner, Director of North Shropshire Music, added, “We are extremely fortunate to have the choral expertise and passion of Ellie Diack on the North Shropshire Music Team. It was abundantly clear that both the pupils and staff have hugely benefited from this opportunity. I encourage any school who would like to take part in our next Big Sing event, to get in touch.”

For further information on the Big Sing, or to register your school’s interest please contact Helen Rayner at