Scottish Schools' Lacrosse Champions for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Scottish Schools' Lacrosse Champions for the Fifth Consecutive Year


The Moreton Hall 1st team returned to Shropshire victorious as they were crowned Scottish Schools’ Lacrosse Champions for the fifth consecutive year.  

The 1st and 2nd Lacrosse teams travelled to Scotland to take part in the annual Rathbones Scottish Open Schools' Lacrosse Tournament on 21st January hosted by Loretto School. From the first match, it was clear the 1st team had one mission; to defend their title. They won their group matches with ease and achieved each victory comfortably with a minimum goal difference of three. Despite facing a challenging opponent in the semi-final, they achieved a win of 5-1 over Harrogate Ladies' College. Their winning streak didn’t tire when faced with Glenalmond in the final, they won 7-1. The intrinsic blend of excellent sporting skill and teamwork made this achievement and this accolade possible. 

The Moreton 2nds also played excellently and despite being drawn against some tough 1st Team opponents, they held their opposition and demonstrated evident skill. When fairly matched, they achieved comfortable wins and they even beat notoriously difficult Glenalmond 1st Team in the group stages.  Overall they finished 4th in the group stages, progressing to the Division 1 Semi-Final. They comfortably won against Fettes 2nd team, 8-1. When matched against Fettes 1st side they lost 2-0, despite it being a fiercely fought game. 

The sun was shining on this excellent day of Lacrosse, all the players should be extremely proud of their performances as many spectators commented on the high level of skill from both Moreton teams. 

Head of Sport, Kate Groves commented: "We are once again delighted with the performance of our 1st Team at the Scottish Schools' Lacrosse Championships. This tournament provides vital preparation for the National Championships which is why we also sent our 2nd Team to play. The 2nd Team performed exceptionally well especially as they were playing in the 1st Team Tournament. The Lacrosse success continued over the weekend with 6 teams travelling to Queen Margaret's, York and winning the majority of the games."