Sensational Sixth Form Recital Prize

Sensational Sixth Form Recital Prize


After the splendid Gala Concert, it was such a pleasure to come to the Sixth Form Recital Prize. We enjoyed it very much, and I was so happy to have the opportunity of seeing how the standard of music has improved so markedly over recent years. What was evident on both occasions - was the friendly, warm and nurturing relationship of the music staff with the girls. And it has certainly bred success!

What an excellent idea to hold the Music Prize event as a concert and to open it to the public.

Heather Gordon-Redfearn was a perfect choice for adjudicator - obviously a seasoned performer, who held us all spellbound with her introductory talk and then her comments on the six performances. Her idea of telling the girls the dictionary definition of the word 'competition' was both illuminating and amusing, and how much more informative and effective was her method of delivering her comments to the girls by consulting the copies of their music, rather than just reading out what she had written, as is usually the case. She was both encouraging, gave due praise (well merited by all six) for their performances, as well as helpful advice where needed.

The girls offered a variety of instruments - Tatyana (violin), Cici (Piano), Wing (Drum kit), Megan (piano, flute and voice), and we were treated to musically-felt and competent performances, a result of much hard work by both students and their individual teachers.  

I loved the girls, who just got on with the job in hand, hiding any nerves they might have had in true Moreton fashion, made no fuss and gave of their best. It's such a hard job to do - we all know the difficulties of judging such unequal instruments, different pieces - some short, some long - and Heather dealt with it all brilliantly.

It was difficult to separate the girls, but the show song, in my opinion was a stunner. Apart from her acting ability, Megan’s command over her voice both in range and dynamics is impressive, especially bearing in mind her age. And this is where Moreton gives girls like her, both the tuition and stage experience. 

Having met Mrs Rayner and some of the other staff from the Music Department, and seeing the care and ability in bringing out the potential in your students, it is obvious that music is flourishing at Moreton.  

- Susi Maas (Former Moreton Parent)