Sixth Form Theatre Studies Trip 

Sixth Form Theatre Studies Trip 

The name of the play, which at first caused wonder, soon became clear to all of us. “People” didn’t refer to an everyday crowd, “Places” didn’t refer to the seaside or our favourite cafes, and “Things” didn’t mean our phones or our sweets. No, these three components referred to the worries of a group of very individual human beings, all with a common problem: drug addiction. We watched the emotional process inside a rehabilitation centre, where the main character had to attend daily, group therapy sessions.

The excellent staging, along with the harsh bright lighting resembled the inside of a mental institution and the set changes were carried out by the actors themselves. The performance was both naturalistic and educational; as an audience member I was completely engrossed in the emotions and journey of the characters, yet I also learnt a lot from both the pain and joy of these suffering addicts onstage.

The performance allowed each of us to witness the struggles and apprehensions faced by many people in the real world today. In fact the acting was so realistic and believable that it was hard to believe we weren’t watching a true story at times. As well as being very powerful, we were also able to relate the techniques and abilities we have been learning in our drama lessons, such as the techniques of Stanislavski and Brecht.

Overall the performance was highly powerful and informative. It has also inspired us and given us new ideas for our own pieces in the future. 

Molly (L6)