Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural

Moreton Hall aims to provide all pupils with an ‘Education for Life’ involving the development of the whole person, mind, body and spirit. As such, the school curriculum and all that is on offer to the pupils is devised to be broadly balanced to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

In lessons, we take every opportunity to add to the breadth and depth of pupils’ cultural and spiritual experience, and in all academic subjects, the lead teachers have devised aspects of the curriculum to build on the whole school’s aim of bringing out the best in every individual in their dealings with the world within and beyond school.

Charities Committee

Our Charities Committee is deeply involved in contributing to the better development of the world and local area. We raise money for causes including a handicapped children’s charity in Wrexham by making and selling cards or cakes, and involve all girls in major school Charity events such as our own ‘Harry Potter day’ to raise funds for Voluntary service Overseas (VSO).

Members of our Charities Committee and many other girls, especially those involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Scheme, contribute to the good of the local community. The girls help by writing and reading books for the nearby Primary school, helping out in First Steps Nursery and Prep School school activities, visiting the elderly and working in local Charity shops and the local hospice. We are working with the Charity “Contact the Elderly” to set up a tea for lonely older people in the area, hosted by the girls. Most of these initiatives come from, or are driven forward by, the girls themselves. By the time they reach Upper 6, many girls are keen to get out into the world and get involved in charity and development work particularly as a stimulating Gap year opportunity.


Moreton follows the Anglican tradition but is ecumenical in approach. Assemblies are devised and led entirely by girls of all ages from Remove to Upper 6 and present a variety of exciting ideas from the directly spiritual to charitable causes and current events. The school offers preparation for Confirmation and this is open to Catholic and Anglican girls. The course involves meeting Ministers from a number of religious traditions. There is a Church of England service every Sunday either in school or local churches. Girls from other faiths are encouraged to follow their own tradition and also to share their ideas in PSHE and RE lessons.

Mentoring Programme

Within the school our mentoring programme encourages students to get to know one another across the year groups. Students from Upper 5 to Upper 6 and those in leadership roles (such as prefects, subject mentors and leaders of divisional activities in the ’competitive houses’) are keenly involved in guiding and encouraging those in the years below them.

All in all, Moreton Hall is committed to preparing all girls (and boys in Moreton First) to leave the school ready to engage with the world with a clear idea of who they are and what they believe, and yet with a tolerance and understanding of others which has been developed through education in the true meaning of the word: to bring out the best in every individual and lead them to make the most of their life in the future.