Sonsoles' Paddle Tennis Victories

Sonsoles' Paddle Tennis Victories

Sonsoles (L5) started playing Paddle Tennis when she was just five years old. Her father was a keen Paddle Tennis player and very good at the game. Sonsoles used to play for fun, but as she got older and better at playing, her father encouraged her to compete. She has now been playing for nine years and trains at least four times a week, for three hours each time.  

The main differences between Paddle Tennis, and the Tennis we know, are the racquet, court and serve. A Paddle Tennis racquet is solid, without the strings of the usual racquet. The courts are smaller and surrounded by walls, and the serve has to be under arm.

Sonsoles also has a love for many other sports, including Hockey, Tennis, Golf and now she is at Moreton, Lacrosse. After having only three Lacrosse lessons, she has been showing potential and hopes to be selected to play in a B Team match sometime soon.  

Over half-term there is a Club team Tournament which Sonsoles will be travelling back for. The clubs in these matches are fighting it out to be crowned, 'Best Paddle Tennis Club in Spain'.   

We look forward to hearing the scores after half-term!