Sorcha Celebrates Place at Top Drama School

Sorcha Celebrates Place at Top Drama School


Leaving my beloved school of eleven years was always a daunting prospect to me. However, this daunting prospect became less daunting when I was offered the once in a lifetime opportunity to study acting at one of the UK’s top drama schools: Arts Education in London.

Not only did Julie Andrews, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ewan McGregor grace the hallways of Arts Ed but so did our very own Drama teacher at Moreton Hall, Kate Howells. Having always looked up to Mrs Howells (and Julie Andrews of course!) this was an opportunity I could not possibly turn down, especially as I was one of 15 to be chosen out of 3000 applicants.

Studying at Arts Ed comes with numerous possibilities for aspiring actresses like myself; we do all of our classes at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, meaning we have the opportunity to work alongside professionals, such as playwright Simon Stephens and casting director Kate Dowds, daily. This has enabled me to broaden my network for when I graduate as an actress.  

After just a month, I have not only developed my acting skills but also my writing skills. Last week we were given the chance to write our own monologues in which I wrote about my tragic dating life... which was highly commended by our teachers who even encouraged me to send it to writer of Killing Eve and Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge! 

All of the achievements I have made after just half a term at Arts Ed would not have been possible without the wondrous tool box eleven years at Moreton Hall provided me with. This time last year, I was looking at Fashion Marketing courses because I never believed I would manage to launch myself into the acting world, but thank you to Moreton, especially Mrs Howells. I followed my dream and will never look back. I want to encourage all of the girls at Moreton to take a leaf out of my book and follow your hearts!

- Sorcha