Spoken English

Talk… Is our prime means of communication and it is proper that its importance should be recognised in the curriculum.

Professor Brian Cox

Moreton Crowned UK Champions
at BPW Competition

At Moreton Hall, the importance of the spoken word is truly recognised. 

In Moreton First, pupils have the opportunity to attend Spoken English lessons as an optional “extra”. They may choose to participate in the Shropshire Festival of Verse and Prose as well as the Chester or Cheshire Festival later in the year. 

In the Summer Term all Spoken English pupils prepare for an English Speaking Board Assessment; they give a short talk on a favourite subject, present memorised poetry or drama, read aloud from a favourite book and respond to questions from the assessor and listening group. The experience of speaking in front of an audience helps children to grow in confidence and poise.

In Years 7, 8 and 10 the ESB Syllabus QCA Accredited, is part of the English Curriculum and all girls present their oral work for assessment.

In Year 10, the Senior 3 syllabus covers all aspects of GCSE Speaking and Listening skills.

All Year 12 (Lower 6) girls attend a weekly one hour session, learning the skills of effective oral communication and in the Spring Term present their work for the English Speaking Board’s Advanced Certificate in Spoken English, accredited by QCA and included in the UCAS Tariff.

Confident, articulate A Level candidates are then well prepared to meet the challenges of University life and their future careers.

Many girls in the Senior School choose to study Spoken English as an optional “extra”, taught in small groups of 3 – 4. In addition to E.S.B. work, they can participate in Speech and Drama Festivals as well as Public Speaking and Debating competitions.

Some take part in the 'Reading from the Book of Common Prayer' competition and every year Moreton Hall has been represented in the National Finals of the Cranmer Awards. In the 2019 National Finals held at Lambeth Palace, Isabella, Mena, Zoe and Florence all received Finalists' Certificates from H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.