Sports Tour - Live Blog

Sports Tour - Live Blog

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Sunday 17th July 3pm

We have finally landed! Good flight just late. One last journey to school. 

I would just like to say how brilliant the girls have been. They have been the easiest group we have taken away and a joy to be around. They approached all games with enthusiasm, determination and a will to do well and win. In all other aspects they embraced everything and entertained us on a daily basis. We are very proud of their achievements and how much they learnt and grown over the two weeks. 

As always I could not have done this trip without the help of Jenny, Lulu and Kriek. They were a huge support and did a great job coaching the Hockey and the Lacrosse as well as keeping the daily itinerary on schedule and adding a lot of fun to the trip. These trips are always good fun with many laughs but they are also tiring, making sure every thing happens when it should and making sure we are always one step ahead everyday. So thank you to them for their hard work to make it all happen. 

Thank you to you all for the kind messages and support while the we have been away - time now to enjoy the summer holidays! 

Sunday 17th July 3am

Well we arrived at the airport in plenty of time after a drive around Vancouver only to find out that our flight was delayed until 9.30pm.

At the moment the boards still say departing 9.30pm local time which means an 2.30pm arrival tomorrow at Manchester Terminal 1. Please could I ask that you keep an eye on the arrival time on the Manchester airport website. If it changes again I shall let everyone know.

The girls have all had a good late lunch/ early supper and now patiently waiting.

Flight details: TS 254 Vancouver to Manchester Terminal 1 departing at 21:30pm Vancouver time and arriving Manchester around 14:30pm and at Moreton around 16:00pm. 

Saturday 16th July 7am

We met at 9am this morning to pick the girls up from their hosts. A good time was had by all and it was time to head to Wild Waves water park!

It was hot day with blue skies and the girls headed to the dry rides first but soon they were on the water slides and swimming! There are a whole array of water slides to go on and a wave pool! The staff mainly stuck to the wave pool while girls braved the ones high up and those that involved using a tube! Even though sunscreen was applied, there are a few red bodies around tonight!

It did take us quite some time to get from the south end of Seattle up to Bellingham where are staying tonight. The rush hour traffic starts around 330pm and of course there was an accident. We did have to make a pit stop at the Diary Queen after 3 hours on the bus. It was a well needed break and everyone was a lot more cheery after that!

On arrival at the Holiday we went straight to Extremes Sports bar for dinner, where there was a huge amount of pizza!

All the girls are now settled in their rooms, desperately packing and trying to fit all their new acquired belongings in! Bag weighing starts at 830am tomorrow!

Our plan in the morning is to have a couple of hours in Vancouver at Stanley Park before heading to the airport. Our flight is at 18:40pm on flight TS254 arriving at Manchester Terminal 1 at 11:40am and roughly at school around 13:30/14:00pm.


Friday 15th July 5am

Today we played our last competitive game playing Lacrosse against Bainbridge Lacrosse club. It has been a very hot day and the game started at 1pm so the heat was a little tricky for our girls. As we have learnt, the standard of Lacrosse is very high in these parts and so the games were tough. However once again in true Moreton fashion we battled through the games and gave it all we had! There were many heavy legs on the pitch but they worked until the end! We lost the first match 12-3 and the second 12-8. We can all say that a lot has been learnt over the last two weeks in both Hockey and Lacrosse and we are very proud at how well all the girls have performed on the pitch but also off the pitch coping with all the games. 

After the matches today the host families organised a BBQ at a park on the beach which was just great. Everyone socialised very well, both girls and adults. It has been a great day weather wise which made for a lovely evening at the beach. 

The girls have now gone back to their host families for one last evening before we start our journey back to Vancouver. We are heading to Wild Waves water park tomorrow and then onto Bellingham for the night. On Saturday we will head over the boarder, have a quick stop in Vancouver before heading to the airport! 

Here are some of the photos from today! 


Thursday 14th July 6am

After a good night sleep we all headed into Seattle city centre. Our first stop was the space needle. We did not travel to the top however spent time exploring the bottom and Seattle music museum. It was then time to brace the crowds at Pike Place market where the girls embraced the market stalls and saw the famous fish market and the first ever Starbucks!

We then boarded the Washington State ferry to Bainbridge Island. We have had blue sky today so the views across to the city were glorious. On arrival we went straight to Bainbridge High School to meet the our hosts.

The hosts were very nice and everyone was excited to meet and go off to explore the Island. Tomorrow we play against Bainbridge in our last game.

It has been a great day! 


Wednesday 13th July 6am

Today was a well needed rest as we travelled across the border into the USA and down to Seattle. Border control went smoothly and everyone made it through! 

We decided to give the girls some retail therapy and stopped off at the Seattle Outlet village for a few hours of shopping! We have not had much time to enjoy being out and about so it was a nice change. Apologies to parents for the amount of bags that made it back onto the bus!!! 

On arrival, the girls immediately changed into swim gear and were in the pool and hot tub! They enjoyed a few hours of swimming before we enjoyed a walk to the mall to have dinner at the Macaroni Grill. It was pasta all round followed by some chocolate cake or tiramisu! We have now returned to the hotel for a good nights sleep. 

Tomorrow we travel into the centre of Seattle before boarding the Washington State ferry to Bainbridge Island, where the girls will be hosted for two nights. On Thursday we will play our last game of Lacrosse against the Bainbridge High school team. 

Everyone is in good spirits and doing well!

Tuesday 12th July 6am

Today we competed in our last day of the U19 Girls Youth Tournament. We split into two teams today - one played our final game against Ontario and the other had training followed by a game against BC Sophomores. 

The game against Ontario was at a National standard. Their team were brilliant! They had at least 4 girls who played in the National Canadian team and all the others were on a scholarship programme. The coaches also coached the Canadian U19 National team! So we knew we were in for a tough game. And it was, however, we defended so well that in the second half we managed to break down their attacking play on at least 3 occasions which was just as good as scoring a goal! We did however score one goal against them, which we all were delighted about! 

The game against the BC Sophomores was just as tough as these girls are the up and coming stars of Canadian lacrosse. Again we defended brilliantly and had moments of great attacking play, scoring some wonderful goals. The team work in this game was outstanding and the girls have all played their part in what has been a commendable effort. 

Having the opportunity to play in this tournament has really pushed all the players and as one of the organisers commented on today 'we have improved hugely since our first day on Saturday - what has really impressed everyone is our ability to hold the ball, move it on quickly and never stop working hard'! 

To end the day we watched Canada play Australia in the men's World Cup, which has been a hit with the girls - especially number 34 from Australia! The whole experience has been one to remember and we are all a little sad this part of the tour is over. 

Tomorrow we head to Seattle and have two days of no play which is much needed. We will be doing some sight seeing, shopping and exploring Seattle. On Wednesday the girls will be going to hosts for two nights and playing their final game on Thursday. 

Everyone is in good spirits - very tired but hanging on! 

Here are some of the pictures from today!


Monday 11th July 6am

Today has been a probably the busiest playing day and the most successful, all done in the sunshine! We were up early and at the pitches by 8am to do some coaching with Scott Teeter, Canadian Woman's National coach! It was a fantastic session and the girls learnt a great deal. Soon after the coaching started one of our teams went off to play against Seattle Stix. This game was certainly one of the highlights of the day as we managed to win 9-8! It was a fantastic achievement and the all the players played extremely well. After the game the girls went on to do a set pieces coaching session with Scott. 

At lunchtime it was time for game two against BC 2. They were a very tough team so again we were pushed all the way. The girls, as we are finding out, just never give up and played till they were almost dropping. We did not win the game but competed exceptionally well. 

In the afternoon we were treated to watching the Men's game between England and Australia! The sun was out and it was a fantastic game that girls really enjoyed watching. We got to sing the national anthem and the girls were given all sorts of things to make a lot of noise! 

Our last game of the day was played during this men's match so half the girls went off to play. We were playing against Alberta and went down by two goals very quickly! However in true Moreton style we closed the gap and before long we were leading. By the end of the game we had won 19- 5! It was a great end to what has been a very successful day. There are lots of tired bodies tonight but with an extra lie in tomorrow, we are hoping they will have recovered as tomorrow we face Ontario (best team in the tournament) and BC Sophomores in the two games both being played at around 11.30am followed by another coaching session. 

I would just like to add that the emergency phone has not been working so please do email of you need to get in touch or ring school who will get in touch with me ASAP. 

Here are some photos from today! 


Sunday 10th July 6.30am

We have just arrived back at the hotel after a very exciting and tiring day. Not only have the girls had to play 4 matches, they have also spared some energy to support and shout for the England U19 Men's Lacrosse Team!! 

The standard of the youth tournament is very high as all teams, except ourselves and Heathfield, are select teams which are playing their top players in their region. We started the day playing against Seattle All Stars, who were very strong! The pace and skill level of this game was amazing and even though we lost with a fairly big margin, our girls competed well and certainly gained a lot from the game. 

We then had to play Team BC 1 and Heathfield B team at the same time. The team playing Heathfield played exceptionally well and dominated the game from start to finish by winning 17-1! The game against Team BC1 was much better and we play brilliantly. We lost 12-5 however we competed so well and had many chances to score! 

In-between matches we took the opportunity to pop out into the town where everyone enjoyed Nando's before some food shopping in the Canadian Superstore! 

Our last game was against Heathfield A and we completely dominated. There was some wonderful play by our girls and they made us proud by winning 27-0!  At the same time as this match everyone got to see England men line up for the National anthem and watch their game for 25 minutes. Unfortunately England did not do too well against Canada! 

Tomorrow it is 3 matches again as well as a training session with the top Canadian coach who lead the U19 Canadian team to a World Cup win, somethings they have not do for years. 

So it's an early start at 645am for breakfast, before heading to the pitches. Everyone is well - few sore muscles and limbs but the girls are coping well. Here are a few photos from today! 



Saturday 9th July 5am

Well it was certainly an action packed day and we have only just returned to our hotel! We spent the day at Grouse Mountain and all the girls had the opportunity to go zip-lining! It was very wet when arrived and rather misty! However it did clear up and turned out to be a great afternoon/evening. The zip-lining was great fun and the girls screams could be heard across the mountain! The Grisly bears were out enjoying the cooler weather however we did miss the famous lumber jack show! 

We then made our way across Vancouver to the University of BC to play against the Vancouver Hawks. We played two 8-a-side games so all the girls got to play in both games as we split the girls into 4 teams and played quarters. We won one game 2-1 and the other 5-2! The girls have really improved and the quality of passing was a joy to watch! We all enjoyed pizza afterwards with the opposition before making our way back to the hotel! 

Tomorrow is an early start as we make our way to U19 Men's Lacrosse World Cup where we are plying in the U19 women's youth tournament. We have 4 matches to play throughout the day, with the last one at 715pm in the evening. We will hopefully be able to watch the men's game between the US and Australia! Unfortunately England are plying at the same time as us! 

Here are a few photos from today!



Friday 8th July 6am

Despite the weather not being too great and rather wet, it still has been a successful day! We travelled back to Vancouver on the ferry and made our way to an area called Delta. There we played two games of hockey in which the girls did extremely well. The first game was very evenly matched for the first half however in the second half they got the better of us and scored 3 goals! It was a great team effort and the girls played very well. 

The second game went very well and we showed a great deal of pace and determination. Moreton won the game 3-1 which was fantastic! The girls enjoyed some post match hospitality which was a bbq! 

We have now made our way back into centre Vancouver we are staying for the next 5 days! Tomorrow everyone is zip lining on Grouse Mountain followed by a Hockey game in the evening! 


Thursday 7th July 4am

We woke up to sunny skies and a warm breeze which set the tone for what has been an action packed day. The day started with a great whale watching trip. We all boarded the Prince of Wales Ocean Magic and set out towards the ocean in search of Whales. An hour in and we were suddenly surrounded by more than 10 Hump Back Whales. It was truly an amazing experience seeing them so close up. On the way we stop to see seals and the only sea otter in the area! 

After a bite to eat for lunch and realising that Wales were not going to win Euro 2016 but that Andy Murray was still in the draw at Wimbledon, we headed back to the University of Victoria to play against a Victoria select hockey team. Victoria were very good and we found the first half of each game very fast so struggled a little. The second halves were much better and we started to play much more as a team, with some good passing phases and opportunities. We did not win the games however both were of a high standard and the girls gained a lot from the matches. 

Tomorrow we head back to Vancouver to play Delta hockey!

Wednesday 6th July 4am

Today we travelled to Victoria on Vancouver Island. We had a good ferry journey which allowed the girls some time to explore Victoria and do some shopping. We then made our way to the University of Victoria where all the girls were coached by two Hockey coaches - one being an ex Canadian goalkeeper. It was a great session and have everyone a good chance to find their hockey skills again! 

We are now back at our hotel and just about to go for dinner. Tomorrow we are booked on the Prince of Wales whale watching tour in the morning, followed by two games of Hockey against Victoria. 

Tuesday 5th July 7.50pm

Boarding the ferry!

Tuesday 5th July 7pm

Leaving the hotel!

Tuesday 5th July 4pm

I am sure that the girls have been touch and let you know that we are safely in Vancouver. The flight was good and all on time. We spent our first night in the Empire Landmark hotel which has 42 floors high! The views from the rooms were spectacular across the harbour and bay. After a meal out on Robson street last night everyone was back in the hotel by 7.30pm to sleep. 

We are all up and had breakfast in the restaurant on the 42nd floor! We are leaving this morning to travel to Victoria island by ferry where we are staying for the next couple of nights. We will be hockey coaching this afternoon and playing a match tomorrow. 

Tuesday 5th July 2am

The view from our room - Time for bed now. 6:51pm local time.

Monday 4th July - 10am

We have all checked in and through security! All 36 of us are ready to go for what should be a great tour!