Team Maths Challenge Live Blog

Team Maths Challenge Live Blog

Moreton's Mathematicians are competing in the UKMT Team Maths Challenge at Rydal Penrhos. The most recent posts are at the top of the page, scroll down for older posts.

3pm - The Final Result

Finishing in 4th place, the team just miss out on the podium. A valiant effort!


2pm  - Top 5

We are in the top 5, heading to the final round! The relay. Teams are split into pairs, and take it in turns to answer alternate questions. Sounds simple, but teams only get one question at a time and must sprint to their assessors to check solutions -  If incorrect, they face a walk of shame back to their partners for one more attempt. If correct, they collect the next question and race to deliver it to their peers ahead of the competition!


1pm - Announcement

Post-lunch announcement - the organiser refuses to read out the top four performing teams... Silence and confused faces fill the hall. Shortly an explanation follows that if she was to announce them, it would lead to eight of the twelve teams being read out since four teams are in joint 4th!

Unfortunately, we are not in the top three, but with fifty out of fifty six possible marks scored on the crossword, surely we are in the bundle just behind!


12pm - First Round

The team are still smiling before they begin the first round, the group challenge. The team are allowed to work individually, in pairs or as a group to tackle a series of ten mathematical teasers.

The team began by sharing out the questions and working individually, before consolidating solutions together.

The next round: a jammed packed crossword of mathematical goodness! Guaranteed to challenge all participants.


10am - Arrival

We've arrived, we're keen and we're ready! Team Maths Challenge 2017 is almost upon us. The team are all smiles at the moment, outside Rydal Penrhos before the mayhem begins!