Team Maths Challenge National Finals Live Blog

Team Maths Challenge National Finals Live Blog

Follow the live blog as the Moreton Hall Maths team journey to London for the National Final of the Team Maths Challenge.

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17:15 - Celebration

The team wave goodbye to the Halls as we head back to Moreton. We finished an incredible 87th out of the 1,712 teams that entered the competition. We are incredibly proud of their achievements now and continuously throughout the year - it has not been easy and we have learned so much. We head back home, proud of what we have accomplished. 

We’ll be back! 


15.05 - Crossnumber

Following on from The Shuttle round was the Crossnumber. It has a very literal translation - think crossword, then replace the words with numbers. The group continue to work in their pairs with one pair receiving the across clues and one receiving the down clues. Questions within each set of clues rely on the others in order to be solved - yet the pairs are not allowed to communicate with each other! 

The final event for the day was The Relay. Think the Olympics, then consider that there are not just eight teams running at once but rather eighty-eight different schools competing head to head to try and outrun, outsmart and outperform their opponents. Tensions were high, with the advisory notice to keep it to a ‘fast walk’ to avoid any collisions!

The team are enjoying a little down time now before we begin the slog home. 


14.10 - The Shuttle

We have now entered round 3, The Shuttle. Each team of four is split into two pairs for this one, where each pair is given two questions. Doesn’t sound too scary, right? However, there is a twist. One pair receives questions 1 and 3 whereas the other pair receive questions 2 and 4. Still sounds quite simple, right? Well, there is one final twist. The solution to the first question is required before you can finish question 2. Question 2’s answer is then necessary to solve question 3, etc.

Arguably one of the more frustrating rounds as one small undiagnosed mistake can escalate into a whole world of trouble.

Once we finish, we are on to The Crossnumber. One of our preferred rounds of the competition.


12:30 - The Group Round

The team have wrapped up their poster and it is now hanging in a makeshift gallery at one end of the enormous and architecturally pleasing hall, ready for judging. 

We are currently halfway through the second round - The Group Round. Carefully positioned around the hall are eight different stations, with eight different puzzles, that must be systematically worked through. 

Puzzles range from logic based problems, kinaesthetic and practical challenges to imaginative dilemmas that must be visualised only. Of course, a good old fashioned number puzzle is thrown in there for good measure too! 

No scores to report yet... We go into the long-awaited ‘lunch round’ next...


10.59am - Poster Round

Sixty-second warning given before the team starts on the Poster Round. This year’s topic is Compass and Straightedge Constructions - a personal favourite of Euclid. The team are tasked with producing an A1 sized poster to both answer a series of seen and unseen problems, alongside demonstrating their creative talents. 

The posters are then longlisted, shortlisted and the final winner will be mass produced and sent out as subject material to all supporting schools. 

We start with a blank-canvas...


9.30am - Arrival

We have arrived at the Capital and have successfully navigated one of the more famous networks in Decision (or Discrete) Mathematics - The London Underground.

With a carefully planned journey to the venue, we have managed a cheeky spot of sightseeing. What a stunning feat of geometry!


07.30am - Journey

It has been an early start this morning for the Maths team as we begin our adventure down to the Royal Horticultural Halls in London for the long-awaited Team Maths Challenge National Final. Moreton’s team demonstrated their abundance of skill earlier this year at the Regional Finals, taking first place against tough competition. 

Although we have endured an early start to the day, spirits are high with a mixture of nerves and excitement as we enjoy a peaceful ride down before the competition explodes into action later this morning. 

More to follow on arrival - ETA 10am.