Term Dates




  • Staff inset from Monday 3rd September 2018
  • Pupils return Wednesday 5th September 
  • Lessons start Thursday 6th September
  • Fixed Exeat 4pm, Friday 21st September until 6pm, Sunday 23rd September
  • Half term 12noon Wednesday 17th October until 6pm Sunday 28th October 
  • Lessons start Monday 29th October
  • Fixed Exeat 4pm, Friday 16th November until 6pm, Sunday 18th November
  • End of term Wednesday 12th December 2018, after the Carol Service 


  • Pupils return pm, Sunday 6th January 2019
  • Lessons start Monday 7th January 2019
  • Half term 1pm, Friday 15th February until 6pm, Sunday 24th February
  • End of term 12 noon Friday 29th March 2019


  • Boarders return pm, Wednesday 24th April 2019
  • Lessons start Thursday 25th April 2019
  • Fixed Exeat 4pm, Friday 3rd May until 6pm, Monday 6th May
  • Half term 4pm, Friday 24th May until pm, Sunday 2nd June
  • Lessons start Monday 3rd June 2019
  • End of term Saturday 6th July 2019 


Parents/Staff Meetings:

New Pupils Friday 21st September 4pm
Lower 6 Friday 16th November 4pm
Lower 5 Saturday 24th November 10.30am
Upper 4 Saturday 19th January 2019 10.30am
Upper 5 Sunday 24th February 6pm
Lower 4 Saturday 2nd March 10am
Upper 6 Friday 29th March 12pm
Remove Saturday 27th April 10.30am


  • Start of term date indicate the day on which boarders return. Day pupils return the following day in time for registration
  • Pupils are not expected to return to school more than 2 hours before the published start time without prior agreement with the Housemistress
  • All dates more than two terms in advance are provisional.