The Times, Letter to the Editor from Jonathan Forster

The Times, Letter to the Editor from Jonathan Forster

In response to the article published on Saturday 6th February in the Times (click here to view the article, subscription required), Moreton Hall's Principal, Jonathan Forster, writes the below letter to the editor:

Dear Sir,

Sir Anthony Seldon correctly identifies the difficulties faced by private schools in rural locations in less affluent areas.

The difficulties faced by independent schools are, however, minimal in comparison with those besetting state schools in rural areas such as North Shropshire.

The sharing of facilities, staffing and students can only be to the advantage of schools in both sectors, as evidenced by the two former students at St Martin's School,Oswestry, who obtained scholarships to LSE and Oxford.

St Martin's does not have a sixth form; the students completed their education at nearby independent girls' school, Moreton Hall.

'Win,win', both schools - and students - say!

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Forster,


Moreton Hall,
Weston Rhyn,
SY11 3EW