Welsh Lacrosse Training

Welsh Lacrosse Training

Eight Moreton girls spent their exeat weekend attending Lacrosse training with the Junior Wales squad.

Serena Grace, Clemmie Baynes, Seren Phillips, Lily Mainwaring, Georgie Grace, Molly Bennett, Freya Beasley and Hattie Jones.  

Lily Mainwaring (U5) reports: The day began with freezing temperatures which convinced half of us that our toes were about to fall off, but all was worth it for the experience of a day of training in the U19 Wales squad.

We travelled all the way down to Monmouth and were taught a variety of new techniques and defending tactics. However, not only did we learn how to play well, we also learnt how to play cleverly and how to dictate the actions the opposing team will take.

We were lucky enough to watch the Senior Wales team train and were inspired by their talent, skill and agility of players at the top of their game and were shown what we could become if we aimed high. It was an incredible day and was worth the icy temperatures. We can’t wait for the next training weekend.