Welsh Rally Victors

Welsh Rally Victors


Moreton’s U14A Lacrosse team continue with their impressive form as they were crowned winners of the Welsh Rally in Monmouth. Senior Lacrosse Coach Mrs Lewin commented: “The girls played some outstanding Lacrosse and fully deserve this accolade. Their passing was excellent and they worked as a cohesive unit from start to finish.”

The U14B also came fourth in the A team tournament; whilst the U13s came second.

Head of Lacrosse Coaching, Miss Harrington, added: “We played a number of our U12s in the U13 team and were particularly impressed with the maturity of their game.”

U14A Scores: vs Malvern St James 10-0 (won), vs MH2 won 7-1 (won), vs Monmouth 7-2 (won), vs Cheltenham Ladies’ College 8-1 (won)

U14B Scores: (they played in the A team tournament): vs Cheltenham Ladies’ College 2-5 (lost), vs MH1 1-7 (lost), vs Monmouth 2-2 (drew), vs Malvern St James 4-2 (won)

U13 Scores: vs Packwood 1-1 (drew), vs Prestfelde 6-2 (win), vs Malvern St James 3-1 (win), vs Cheltenham Ladies’ College 2-1 (win), vs Monmouth 2-4 (loss)