Welsh Rally Winners

Welsh Rally Winners

The Moreton Hall Lacrosse teams have continued the new season with stunning wins for the First, Second and U15A teams at the prestigious Welsh Rally with them not losing a single game.

Five teams from Moreton Hall set off early to Haberdashers' Monmouth for the Welsh Rally. They returned triumphant with three out of three trophies! A hat-trick of wins! The 3rd team, who were playing in the 2nds competition, came 2nd by beating the 2 other teams, which is an excellent result for them. Many congratulations to the 1st, 2nd and U15 teams on a great start to the season.

1st Team Scores

v Westonbirt - Won 8 -1

v MSJ - Won 13 - 0

v Haberdashers' - Won 12 – 2

Finished 1st Overall

2nd Team Scores

v Moreton Hall 3rd - Won 8 - 0

v MSJ - Won 10 - 0

v Haberdasher's - Won 11 - 0

Finished 1st Overall

3rd Team Scores

V Moreton Hall 2nd – Lost 0-8

v  Haberdasher's – Won 6-1

v MSJ – Won 4-2

Finished 2nd Overall

U15 A Team Scores

v MSJ – Won 5-1

v Westonbirt – Won 10-0

v Moreton Hall B Team – Won 7-0

v Haberdasher's – Won 5-1

Finished 1st Overall

U15 B Team Scores

v Moreton Hall A Team – Lost 0-7

v Westonbirt – Lost 2-5

v MSJ – Lost 1-4

v Haberdasher's – Lost 1-5