ASOS Head of Marketing Returns to Shropshire

ASOS Head of Marketing Returns to Shropshire

International Marketing expert and Head of Brand Marketing for  global online fashion and beauty retailer, ASOS, returned to her former school last week, Moreton Hall, to address over 240 business people and students from ‘Moreton Enterprises’ at the annual Business Lunch.

At just 32, Fiona Marshall’s career is the stuff of any aspiring business - woman’s dreams.   Originally from Dolgellau, Fiona attended Moreton Hall until 1998.  She then went on to Edinburgh University before entering the world of marketing as a graduate trainee with L’Oreal.  She swiftly shimmied up the ranks becoming Board Account Director at RKCR/Y&R, one of the UK’s largest advertising agencies, where she and a team launched BBC iplayer and won two BAFTAs for the BBC Olympic campaigns.   

Now at ASOS, the UK’s largest online fashion and beauty store, Fiona is responsible for marketing into over 190 countries around the globe.  She was awarded the Marketing Week Engage Awards ‘Rising Star of 2012’ and the ‘Leading Edge Thinking Award’, by the Marketing Society in 2012.

‘Fiona embodies everything we aspire to at Moreton Hall,’ explains Principal, Jonathan Forster.  ‘Our aim is to equip every girl with the skills they need to go on to dynamic, vibrant careers.  Although we achieve outstanding exam results, our focus is not just on exams, but on developing a depth of education that creates a self-confidence and the will to succeed.   It is through this that our students will go on to become the leaders of tomorrow - in all walks of life.’

‘One example of how we do this is our unique Moreton Enterprises initiative which has been running for over 25 years now.  It is a set of businesses run by the girls for the girls which annually has a turnover of over £50,000.  It is experience on this sort of level which allows girls to go on and tackle aspirational careers such as Fiona’s.  We are delighted with Fiona’s success and that she was able to come back to the school to give such an outstanding and inspiring talk at our annual Business Lunch.’