Divisional Performing Arts Competition

Divisional Performing Arts Competition

Grainne Dennison writes:

For those of you who are yet to experience a Divisional competition, please note that noise levels would compete with the crowd’s response to Mo Farrer’s last lap in the Olympics. For energy, talent and an extraordinary display of team spirit the Moreton Hall Divisional Performing Arts Competition would beat the Oscars hands down!

From the moment Rose Booth and Alice Mitchell launched into Vincent’s Got Talent (“We’re going northern tonight – we can’t do a Geordie accent”) to Calvert’s Radio 4-style puppet routine based on the staff room, it was superb.

Staff and judges alike ricocheted between emotions of tear-inducing hilarity and fear that they would be the next victims. Yet the Moreton spirit was alive and well, and the girls can only be congratulated on sketches that were funny but never cruel. (Kitty Peel’s impersonation of Mr Reffell doing his “crucial” exercises was only matched by Grace Lovell’s capture of Mrs Tilley as head girl).

The younger girls sang, danced and played their guitars. Older ones threw self-consciousness (and sometimes good sense) to the four winds as they capered on stage.

It was an event that showed Moreton at its best. Yes, the girls have talent. Yes, they have drive. Perhaps more importantly, they have a tremendous sense of esprit de corps.