Enterprising School Girls Prepare for Christmas

Enterprising School Girls Prepare for Christmas

Moreton Enterprises, the unique £50,000 set of businesses at Moreton Hall school which are run by the girls for the girls, has launched its own, home-made luxury Christmas puddings into the retail market.

The ‘Perfect Pud’ venture is being spearheaded by Sixth Formers Olivia Knights and Robyn Minshall who have been conducting business presentations to local retailers which would put some of Alan Sugar’s apprentices to shame.

‘A few years ago Moreton Enterprises teamed up with our school’s award winning chef to produce luxury Christmas puddings to sell to parents and staff’, explain the girls.  ‘It has been so successful that this year we decided to see if we could sell them to the general public through local retailers and farm shops.  We created a full sales presentation and have so far had orders placed by Lewis's Farm shop in Eyton, Hill Valley Golf Club, Whitchurch and Applegate’s – where we are also doing an ‘introduction’ of the puddings to customers at 11.30am on Saturday, October  20th.

The girls have also been invited to do ‘tastings’ at Hawarden Farm shop on Saturday December 1st and Moreton Park Garden Centre on October 25th  and are anticipating orders from a number of other shops which they presented to.

‘This is what Moreton Enterprises is about,’ explains the school’s Principal, Jonathan Forster.  ‘It encourages students to explore business ideas and actually roll their sleeves up, take some calculated risks and give it a try.’

Later this month the girls will oversee the cooking of the puddings and start the packaging process, ready to get the Moreton Enterprises’ Perfect Puds deliveries underway in November.