In The Footsteps of Tudors

In The Footsteps of Tudors

To think I walked in the footsteps of many royals from the Tudor time, that I crossed the path upon which Catherine Howard was dragged screaming after her arrest by Henry VIII’s guards was awe inspiring.

When we arrived at Hampton Court there was a humongous palace awaiting us with two Royal residence guides in beefeater style uniform either side of the gate. 

First we went to the kitchen where we saw where all the meat used to be chopped for Henry VIII. In Tudor time they only ever ate the meat in meat pies never the pastry. Henry VIII served his servants quality meat.

Then we saw the amazing replica of the crown that was worn by Henry. It had many sapphires, emeralds and rubies but is not as valuable as the real crown. 

We went into a chapel and apparently the only thing that was from the Tudor time was the ceiling which was three dimensional and beautifully painted.

There is said to be a ghost in Hampton Court: In 1542 Catherine Howard was dragged along the floor screaming to her room to be placed under house arrest and apparently you can still hear the screaming today.

Our next stop was the National Portrait Gallery right next to Trafalgar Square. On our journey there we saw all the main features of London: Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament and more… 

In the National Portrait Gallery we saw the portrait of Kate Middleton, which was outstanding (although I thought it made her look a bit old!). We saw lots of Tudor portraits to bring alive our studies of the period. 

A great school trip with never a boring moment!”

By Helen Norman


Drawings by Morgan Darcy Rees-Deacon