Institute of Physics Report: Girls in Single Sex Schools More Likely to Study Physics

Institute of Physics Report: Girls in Single Sex Schools More Likely to Study Physics

According to the Girls’ Schools Association, Independent girls’ school head teachers have welcomed a new report out today from the Institute of physics (IOP) that shows girls from single sex schools are almost 2.5 times more likely to study Physics A Level than girls who attend co-ed schools (maintained sector).

The Girls’ Schools Association’s own research corroborates this. Their findings show that girls in GSA independent girls’ schools are three times more likely than girls nationally (maintained and independent sectors) to study physics at A Level. This summer, 4.2% of the A Levels sat by GSA school pupils were in physics (the most recent figure for girls nationally is 1.4%).

This summer 15% of Moreton Hall students- all girls- sat A Level Physics, with 33% achieving an A grade.  Thirty five per cent of the Year 11 girls sat Physics GCSE, with 88% of those candidates gaining an A* or A grade.

‘Physics thrives at Moreton Hall,’ comments Principal, Jonathan Forster. ‘The exam results are only part of the story.  We also have a range of dynamic Physics clubs which help to take subjects beyond the syllabus and bring it all to life for the girls from a very early age.  Our Physics clubs even include an Engineering Society and an Astronomy Club.   The girls have been participating in a pan-European astronomy project and the young astronomers reached the National Final this year of the UK Space Settlement Design Competition.’

To support its drive to educate some of the UK’s top scientists of the future, Moreton is launching its Centenary Appeal this Friday to fund the building of a £2m science centre at a black tie dinner-dance with guest speaker Alistair McGowan.

The Institute of Physics report can be found here: