Moreton Hall is officially the top school for Lacrosse in England’s North following an outstanding performance by all three teams at Saturday’s North Schools’ Lacrosse Tournament.

Seven schools from the North of England battled it out at the tournament at Queen Margaret’s School, York.  Moreton beat strong teams from Harrogate Ladies’ College, Queen Margaret’s - York, Casterton, Queens - Chester, Bolton and Uppingham resulting in Moreton Hall’s 1st and 2nd teams both being crowned the winners of their respective tournaments. 

“England is divided into just 3 areas for lacrosse: North, South West and South East.  This result means  Moreton Hall is England’s strongest school team north of Birmingham,” comments Head of Sport, Kate Groves. “Our first and second teams scored an incredible 68 goals between them and had just 8 scored against them.” 

Head of Lacrosse, Jenny Sanderson commented: "On Saturday I had the pleasure of coaching and umpiring our 3rd Lacrosse team and I feel that I must let you know how great they were. We have had a slightly late influx of U6 girls with a renewed enthusiasm for Lacrosse, which has had a knock on effect to all the other girls in the team - feeling proud to be playing. One of the highlights of the day was to see Katherine James score a goal in our last match and hear the cheers from her parents on the side lines. They had never seen Lacrosse played before. Katherine has been the most regular attendee at morning fitness sessions.

All the match scores were close and they really played well."

First Team

Second Team

Third Team