League Table Success

League Table Success

The publication of this morning's Times Newspaper, places Moreton Hall amongst the very best schools in the country. Placed 41st nationally, Moreton Hall's attainment of 90% grades A* - B, underlines the strong commitment to academic success. The Guardian's website, although not placing schools in rank order, also illustrates Moreton's outstanding achievements.

Jonathan Forster writes: 

"League tables do not tell the whole story. I still believe that Moreton's 'added value' ranking is the most important indication of the commitment of staff to the educational progress of all students.

Our results this year also recognise the school's commitment to traditional 'A' Level subjects which will become the benchmark for acceptance into top universities. 

It will not be possible with Moreton's mixed ability intake to achieve outstanding results every year in raw league table terms, but excellent results on an individual basis set against ability can and will be achieved so long as we have such a dedicated staff and such well-motivated students."