Jenner Medical Society

Jenner Medical Society

NHS Reforms Explained – by Georgina Muir, Upper 6

Dr Jane Povey (aka Cara’s Mum) kindly joined Jenner Society on Thursday 27th September to give a talk explaining the recent NHS reforms, which will be running from April 2013. Dr Povey works between London and Leeds as the Clinical Engagement Director – putting these new plans in place along with being a GP in Telford. We discussed some of the local, regional and national changes to the NHS, including the push towards empowering local communities to shape the NHS, reduced management costs, and the new public health and education systems. We were also familiarised with the NHS Constitution, which sets out the responsibilities and rights of the people who benefit from the NHS.

One of the most significant new legislations means that a new national Commissioning Board will allocate spending to GP consortiums (Clinical Commissioning Groups). All 8,200 GP practices in England will be a member of a CCG, in charge of assessing, designing, purchasing and managing the health needs of the community. We considered some of the possible advantages and disadvantages of this reform and how it will affect the NHS as a whole. A huge thank you to Dr Povey for making these new reforms much clearer, giving up her time, and giving us confidence that females can occupy top jobs in Science!

Professor Sally Roberts - by Millie Adams-Davies

Last week Professor Sally Roberts, who is the Director of Spinal Research at the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry, came to speak to our Jenner Society about stem cells and the current research taking place. As most of us had studied stem cells at least once in Biology it was great to see what advances have been made. Sally had some amazing photos and videos of the different types of stem cells she works with. It is fascinating how they can be used to treat diseases such as osteoarthritis. It was a great talk enjoyed by all.