Outstanding Spoken English Exam Results

Outstanding Spoken English Exam Results

Moreton students have received their best ever ESB (English Speaking Board) exam results, with high grades across the board. Out of 109 entries from Remove to L5, 72 pupils received Distinctions, 35 Merit+ and 2 Merit awards.

Head of Spoken English, Merriel Halsall-Williams, remarks: “These are an excellent set of results. All the girls had prepared well and worked really hard to achieve these results. They presented their talks with confidence.”

Flora Moreau (L4) Describes the ESB Experience 

On the 4th of February, I was more nervous than I've ever been before: it was the day of my ESB exam. We were put into groups of six, and we then went to the English block and we had to recite a poem, read a reading, and the had to give a four minute talk on a topic of our choice. 

There was a lot of variety through all the sections. In my group there were poems about murders and poems about snowmen, there was Wolf Brother and Anne of Greene Gables, and overcoming disability to the Mona Lisa. Our adjudicator was really nice; he always had positive comments, even though I wasn't expecting some of the questions he asked me! We got lots of help from English lessons too, when we would listen to a poem/reading/talk and then would ask questions and criticise on what we just heard. ESB was always my favourite out of the spoken English exams I have done. That Monday was definitely a good day; I listened to some great poems, was on a cliff hanger during some of the readings, and got a Hummingbird Bakery cupcake at the end, to top it all off.