The U.K. Schools Intermediate Mathematics Challenge 2012

The U.K. Schools Intermediate Mathematics Challenge 2012

Open to Year 9-11 in all U.K. schools the UK Schools Intermediate Maths Challenge saw over 200,000 candidates from schools across the UK taking part.

Moreton Hall had 47 entrants with 28 girls gaining an award, another very impressive performance.

Noteworthy performances were H.R. in U4 for achieving a Gold Award and the coveted Best in School award and for qualifying for the next round. S.R., G.B., N.K. and T.D. who also achieved Gold awards.

Awards as follows:

14 Bronze certificates (top 40% in the U.K.):

Lucinda Huntsman, Florence Wynne, Sarika Butler, Grace Hacking, Claudia Thomas, Pak See Lo (Cecilia), Li Yameng (Jessica), Natasha Rowland, Saoirse Nyhan, Harriet Warner, Molly Piggott, Holly Dempster-Edwards, Eloise Collings, Kate Pumphrey.

9 Silver certificates ( top 20% ):

Ishika Roy Chowdhury, Katie Bibby, Eleanor de Rohan, Xing Yibai (Betty)
Georgina Latham, Ma Xingyu (Space), Fan Xinyi, Laura Mercer, Helen Fraser.

5 Gold certificates (top 6% ): 

Hu Ruiqi (Melissa), Sun Ruiyang (Jenny), Georgina Blake, Natalya Khan, Teya Drew.

‘Best in School' certificate - Hu Ruiqi (Melissa)